Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ever since my friend Christina got a bunny rabbit I have desperately wanted one, and when her and her husband added a Guinea Pig to their family (they also have a gorgeous cat named Murray), my husband and I decided it was time to go pet shopping!
It didn't take long. I wanted a bunny and my beloved wanted a Guinea, so after a few pet shop visits, we brought home these two babies... Well, not these two.
As much as I would love to own a pet deer (Audrey Hepburn had one once), I know that won't happen until we have lots more land ( and I learn about how to go about having one as a domestic pet of course) So these two were perfect additions to our dogified family.
Meet Thumper. He is a black and white mini lop bunny. As soon as I saw him I knew he was meant to be mine. His eyes have the same black fur around them to my baby Toto, and he was just so gorgeous and soft to cuddle. Even more perfect is that he adores Toto, and the two of them bounce around the dining room playing tag and cuddling together. He is quite a feisty wee thing which is great considering Bobs head is bigger than wee Thumpers whole body, so he isn't scared of much (except the vacuum cleaner-this fear seems to be univeral in all animals don't you think?) I absolutely adore him, and he is such a lovely addition to our family.

Meet Norma-Jeane (named after my greatest idol, Marilyn Monroe). She is a multi coloured Guinea Pig, and is super cute!! She loves being cuddled, especially by my beloved, whom she seems to like more than anyone else, and she makes the sweetest wee noises. My beloved is planning on building her a bigger cage than her current one, so he can add tunnels and a toy area for her, sort of a Guinea circus!!

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