Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Peachy Perfect Day!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and My beloved and I were attending a friends Wedding.
Here I am at the reception at Clearwaters Golf Club. A very stunning place and was particularly picturesque thanks to the weather. I decided the Wedding was a good time to wear a vintage dress I had purchased a while back, but only just got hemmed (I'm a bit silly like that!) I loved the peachy colour as it complimented my pale skin and hair well, and I'm a total girl when it comes to full length gowns, I felt just like a princess!!

I decided to go without make-up other than my beloved red lipstick,and a few lashings of mascara, so I could feel fresh the whole day and night. (Lipstick- Dior in Rouge)

This dress honestly was so soft and lovely to wear as the beautiful satin fabric drapes so nicely. Was a perfect fit around the bodice as well, which was lovely up until dinner time!!!

I really love the pleating as well, it just gives it a little somethin' extra!

My babies! I adore these shoes as they are a beautiful buttery cream, which goes well with my skin tone. They are super soft leather upper and lined too, so were a dream to wear all day and night. I love the buckles on the side too. I didn't want to appear too costumy in the dress, so I thought thse shoes gave it a modern edge. I topped them off with OPI's Give Me the Moon Polish on my fingers and toes, it's a really pretty purply silver tone . Being a girl is so much fun!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
P:S: Thankyou for your lovely comments, I truly look forward to reading them and getting warm fuzzies!!! xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm over the top!

Porcelain Blonde (a blog I religiously follow) has passed on the
over the top award to myself and a few of her other followers
(thankyou Porcelain Blonde!)
so.... Basically I have to answer these questions in one word answers!
Hmmm I'll see how I go!

. Where is your cell phone? Beside me
2. Your hair? Blonde!
3. Your mother? Lovely
4. Your father? Workaholic
5. Your favorite food? Potatoes
6. Your dream last night? Not telling
7. Your favorite drink? Coffee
8. Your dream/goal? Singing!
9. What room are you in? Lounge
10. Your hobby? Singing, dogs, fashion
11. Your fear? Accidents happening to loved ones
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Melbourne!
13. Where were you last night? Work
14. Something you aren't? Cruel
15. Muffins? Apple and Cinnamin
16. Wish list item? Chanel Bag
17. Where did you grow up? Christchurch
18. Last thing you did? Catch with Toto
19. What are you wearing? Stripes!
20. Your TV? Loved!
21. Your pets? Toto , Bob. Loved!!!
22. Your friends? Fabulous
23. Your life? Happy
24. Your mood? Calm
25. Missing someone? Kinny Winny
26. Vehicle? Bus!
27. Something you're not wearing? Shoes!
28. Your favorite store? Mi Piaci
29. Your favorite color? Red
30. When was the last time you laughed? This Morning
31. Last time you cried? Avatar
32. Your best friend? Fiance, Toto, Andrea
33. One place that I go over and over? The Floor(vacuuming dog fur)
34. One person who emails me regularly? Vodaphone!
35. Favorite place to eat? Lone Star

Ok I got a few answered in one word! It's super hard!! Hope you feel you know me a little better now :) xxxxx

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I was off to a friends Hens party on Saturday afternoon, and I wanted something that was dressy, but casual enough to distinguish between my night and day wear, and I love this tunic for this purpose. It's very floaty and soft to wear, and I love layering it up with t-shirts, singlet tops and my beloved blazer, and leggings. Add some patent leather heels and away we go!!

And since I went without my red lipstick, I had to add something red in there(I'm absolutely in love with the colour red! I guess that's why it's the symbolic colour for love :):):) xxxx ) so I toted this wee satin clutch from Peter Alexander. Hope you like!! xxxx

Tunic: Max

Blazer: Portmans

T-Shirt: Max

Leggings: Cotton On

Heels: Mi Piaci

Clutch: Peter Alexander

I love these wee bracelets that I picked up on Friday, they are super cute and lots of fun!! I generally tend to wear the same jewellery; my pearl earrings, pearl necklace and my engagement ring, pictured above(which I shall do a wee blog on next week!!!) so I like to play around with quirky wee pieces like this! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Zip Bracelets: Diva

Clutch: Peter Alexander

Nails: OPI in Royal Raja Ruby (I love OPI, I have just started using their range of nail polishes and I am completely addicted! They are so easy to apply and come in such a fabulous range of colours) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I love love love this dress.... My lovely sister found it in a Salvation Army store, and immediately grabbed it for me :) It has a beautiful full skirt and lining so it poofs out like a true 50's dress should. I always feel like a true girls' girls in it which I love. Even Bob and Toto love it!!!! I always have to finish it off with my favourite red lipstick.... (Dior in 'Rouge' .... not the most original name for a red lipstick!!! It has lovely blue undertones which compliment my pale skin. Ahhh isn't it grand being a girl ...... xxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S Thankyou for your lovely comments, they truly make my day xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm an absolute sucker for wearing black black black! It's such a great colour for days when colours just feel a bit too much, and it makes me feel very french chic when I add these black and white brogue style heels (my favourite heels from this season)and favourite siren red lipstick. And Toto matches me like a dream! Got to love black and white xxxxx

Top: Max

Skirt: Portmans

Tights: Voodoo

Shoes: Mi Piaci

Dog: Mine!

And because I love these babies so much, i thought I'd give you a closer peep so you can see all the fabulous detail that has gone into them......................

They are made with kid leather (super super soft) and have beautiful leather lining and leather soles, and even cute leather laces, so they are dreamily comfortable to wear. I have completed the look with Max Factor nailfinity polish in see through ivory, my fave polish at the moment. xxxxxx

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve!

Soooo........ I started this blog many a month ago and have finally added to it (and I promise I will not disappear again!), so to all you lovely people who wrote your lovely and knd comments when I started, I very much hope you pop in again to say hi :) Happy New years, and may this year be a wonderful one xxxxxxx

Dress: A lovely christmas gift from from amazing friend, A Cat of Impossible Colours, I absolutely adore it, especially as it reminds me of the costumes in the beautiful Audrey Hepburn movie, Sabrina.

Shoes: Mi Piaci

Bag: Peter Alexander (I am so in love with this store, everything in it is divine)

Silk Scarf: Thrift shop, it is an Oscar de la Renta one I scooped up in a salvation army store. I love op shops!

I decided to go make up free apart from my red lipstick and lip liner (beautiful Dior ones gifted to me from my lovely mother at Christmas), and a splash of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, my favourite perfume.

My beloved and I had a lovely new years eve, and I hope you all did too xxxxx