Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Peachy Perfect Day!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and My beloved and I were attending a friends Wedding.
Here I am at the reception at Clearwaters Golf Club. A very stunning place and was particularly picturesque thanks to the weather. I decided the Wedding was a good time to wear a vintage dress I had purchased a while back, but only just got hemmed (I'm a bit silly like that!) I loved the peachy colour as it complimented my pale skin and hair well, and I'm a total girl when it comes to full length gowns, I felt just like a princess!!

I decided to go without make-up other than my beloved red lipstick,and a few lashings of mascara, so I could feel fresh the whole day and night. (Lipstick- Dior in Rouge)

This dress honestly was so soft and lovely to wear as the beautiful satin fabric drapes so nicely. Was a perfect fit around the bodice as well, which was lovely up until dinner time!!!

I really love the pleating as well, it just gives it a little somethin' extra!

My babies! I adore these shoes as they are a beautiful buttery cream, which goes well with my skin tone. They are super soft leather upper and lined too, so were a dream to wear all day and night. I love the buckles on the side too. I didn't want to appear too costumy in the dress, so I thought thse shoes gave it a modern edge. I topped them off with OPI's Give Me the Moon Polish on my fingers and toes, it's a really pretty purply silver tone . Being a girl is so much fun!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
P:S: Thankyou for your lovely comments, I truly look forward to reading them and getting warm fuzzies!!! xxxxxxxxx


  1. You look fantastic! I don't think I've ever seen that dress. Where's it from?

    And you look so much like Porcelain Blonde here, too! The hair, the glowing skin, the red lips ... there's such a huge resemblance.

    Hope tonight goes well!

    A xx

  2. You look gorgeous - so Old Hollywood movie starlet.
    The dress is beautiful and you wear it so well, ultra glamorous <3
    I love that you went nearly nude on your face -I think that's so chic, modern and frenchy.

    Your hair reminds me of Kate Bosworth's - I heart her! :)

    <3 xxx

  3. That dress is wonderful! I love the colour and pleating.
    It was lovely to meet you the other day!