Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm an absolute sucker for wearing black black black! It's such a great colour for days when colours just feel a bit too much, and it makes me feel very french chic when I add these black and white brogue style heels (my favourite heels from this season)and favourite siren red lipstick. And Toto matches me like a dream! Got to love black and white xxxxx

Top: Max

Skirt: Portmans

Tights: Voodoo

Shoes: Mi Piaci

Dog: Mine!

And because I love these babies so much, i thought I'd give you a closer peep so you can see all the fabulous detail that has gone into them......................

They are made with kid leather (super super soft) and have beautiful leather lining and leather soles, and even cute leather laces, so they are dreamily comfortable to wear. I have completed the look with Max Factor nailfinity polish in see through ivory, my fave polish at the moment. xxxxxx


  1. I just found your blog a minute before and I can't wait to see more.... you have a great style!

  2. Aw, wee Toto! :) You look gorgeous; those shoes are stunning.

  3. Gorgeous blog! Love your style and Toto is too cute for words :)

    I feel you on the black...I'm actually feeling guilty today 'cos it's summer and I keep pulling black looks, ha!

    <3 xxx

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments <3
    I'm off to link you now :)
    Have a fab weekend and PLEASE post more outfits!

    <3 xxx

  5. i love those shoes, coming to NZ this month, where to buy!

  6. I adore those shoes and the whole outfit! so glad you are blogging again!