Sunday, October 31, 2010


Apologies for the belated blog, my internet connection has been terrible of late, and this is the 5th attempt to post this one!! A few weeks ago, my beloved surprised me with tickets to Auckland to see one of my favourite performers, Adam Lambert, playing live at the Trust stadium. Two weeks ago, we went to the concert, and he really did live up to all my expectations. He sounded just as amazing live as he does on his CD, and he has such an incredible stage presence and charm. In my opinion (which is shared by many others) he will become an icon as big as Freddie mercury or Elvis, and I look forward to seeing what he does next with his talent. For those of you who are thinking, 'Adam who??? ', he was the runner up on the eighth season of American idol (it was ridiculous that he didn't win, even the talented winner Kris Allen has stated that Lambert should have taken the title). Check out 'For your entertainment', his first single, on youtube, it is fantastic.

My concert outfit.

My beloved and I just before we left for the show.

The screen just before Adam came onstage.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I thought it was finally time to do a blog on Wizard of Oz and the few collector items I have from the wonderful movie. As a little girl, I so desperately wanted to be Dorothy, that I took a pair of my big sisters black heels, and glitter glued them in sparkly red. Every dog toy I owned was called Toto, and every chance at dress up I went as Dorothy. For our first Christmas together, my husband ordered custom made Ruby Slippers from a website that made them from the blue print of the originals. I still remember crying because I finally had my very own pair!!!! I even slept in them that night!! The next Christmas my husband got me Toto, and my wee black and white baby has been spoilt ever since. (no-one else is allowed to use my vintage dresses as a bed!) He looked so cosy I just couldn't bring myself to move him.

My custom made rubies. I don't wear them much, but I did wear them the night my beloved proposed to me.

This brooch was a beautiful wedding gift from my dear friend Andrea. It dates back to when the movie was first released and merchandise was everywhere.

This was the ring box that my beloved proposed to me with. My engagement ring has a ruby on it, as a representation of my love of Wizard of Oz. It has 'As long as your mine' engraved inside it, the duet we were singing to a party full of party when my beloved proposed. The song is from the musical 'Wicked', which is the prequel story to the Wizard of Oz.

These collector edition Wizard of Oz Barbies were a special gift from my sister in law. I absolutely love them, and as tempted as I am to get them out and have a play, they look so lovely in their boxes, and I like displaying them in their original condition. My favourite is Dorothy, and I love that they of course included Toto, who is inside her basket. xxxxxx

I hope this brings back childhood memories of the first time you watched the movie and makes you want to click those heels three times xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx