Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It was a rainy day today so I spent a lovely day indoors cuddling up with Toto, reading, doing a little hand sewing (not well, but got the job done) and cleaning, and this evening, after walking the doggies (the rain has finally stopped), I have a 500 piece puzzle to start. Bliss!!!
This is one of my go to outfits for when I spend a day at home or doing errands: a skirt and shirt with stockings and low heels: It's a perfect mix of my personal taste with enough practicality and comfort for me to still be happy wearing it until late in the evening, and as I don't wear trackpants, this is a pretty standard outfit for me to wear day in day out.
Add red lipstick and a coffee and I am ready for the day!!

Cotton Shirt: $2 second hand warehouse

Navy woollen Skirt: Also $2 second hand warehouse(love that place!!)
Stockings: Local supermarket
Shoes: Dance Pacific
Hat: From the Repertory Theatre sale (I am going to do a post tomorrow of all the gorgeous hats I found at the sale)
Brooch: a gift from my friend Christina.
Earrings: Hmmm can't remember

Puzzle time!!! xxxxxxxxxx

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