Monday, May 17, 2010


I love the world of thrifting. There are just so many treasures out there to find, and there is such a thrill at finding these forgotten goodies and giving them a new home!!! These are some of the pieces I have found recently, and to me they are proof that the thrifting universe is looking over us :) This wee cutie came in a set of four, and was a mega bargain at $2 for the whole set. Despite the fact that it only holds what seems like a single shot of coffee, I couldn't resist the heart design and using a cup and saucer feels so ladylike!! (Also a good reason to have multiple coffees and feel like it's only a couple)

This lovely navy bag was found at a huge garage style charity shop that has a majority of it's stuff for free (its name you ask?-The free shop. I know. Original) I paid $3 for a bundle of things including this bag, which is in great condition considering it was piled under a mass of dusty clothes and books. It's a great size, and I'm always drawn to navy in accessories as you don't need to worry about matching it to outfits as it always blends in. The many zip pockets inside really got me excited (I know, it's a sad life I lead) and the gold fastener is too cute for words. It's now become one of my staple bags.
Well the picture speaks for itself...who doesn't need an egg shaped jewellery holder!!!!I love trinkets like this, and it was in really good condition (i am not sure of its age, but a lot of second hand ornaments have broken legs etc). I had a great time putting all my earrings in here, and it sits so nicely next to my music box!!!

Don't they look pretty!!!!!

These books were ones I had specifically looked for ( apart from "gone with the wind, which was a lovely gift from my Mum, thank you Mum!!!) and again, they are proof that you really can find exactly what you are looking for when op shopping. I am currently making my way through them (reading 'Seven years in Tibet' at the moment, which I am thoroughly enjoying, and have already read 'Gone with the wind')I love buying second hand books for multiple reasons: one is that I am quite rough with my books, and when they are already a little tatty I don't feel so bad when I get the first coffee stain on it! I also love looking for notes inside the cover from previous owners - especially in romantic books. Some of the sweetest notes are inside these treasures.

Despite the fact that I barely wear dressing gowns as light as this one, I can't resist purchasing them, even if they spend most of their time hanging up in my room looking pretty. I loved the print on this one, far too pretty to resist.

This whole outfit (bar the shoes which are from a dance wear shop) ,was purchased for a total of $8, and I have already worn the pieces to death. The shirt reminded me so much of Dorothy's dress print from The Wizard of Oz, and I have wanted some high waisted denim shorts for quite some time now. Add red lipstick and I felt just like Marilyn Monroe!!! (well, a shorter, smaller busted version anyway).

Toto looking a little confused. I think it was past his bed time here :)

Trying out a new hairstyle while trying to keep my hair in healthy condition so it grows nice and long.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. YOU make ME want to go shop thrifting! Liking this blog lots...Thanking you muchly Ruby xx