Friday, July 23, 2010


Don't you just love high waisted pants? I adore them. If my waist isn't visible in an outfit, it generally doesn't look good on me, so these lovely, soft floppy wide leg pants were a magical find. I have been dressing in quite summery clothes lately (and yes it is freezing outside. After this shoot, I layered up with a cardie, coat, gloves and hat). I'm really not great with cold weather, so I can pretend that Summer is here as long as I'm inside and wearing pastel colours. Right?....

I had my foils redone, so my extensions are looking a lot more blended with the rest of my hair. Feels much better :)

I LOVE this handbag. I have been searching for a straw bag for quite some time, and although they are plentiful in the op shops I shop in, I never quite found the perfect one for me until my friend Andrea and I saw this one in savemart, and it was straw bag love at first sight(although the outer of the bag is actually made from paper! Crazy huh!). I love all the detail on it, the size. and the gorgeous handles. Yummy!

Top: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Pants: Thrifted (originally from Katies)
Bag: From savemart
Shoes: Thrifted


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  1. Hi I just saw your blog and I love are looking beautiful....I'm following you....waiting for your next post