Thursday, July 22, 2010


My lovely friend Christina gave me this rather gorgeous sailor dress a few weeks ago, and when she gave it to me it was actually a long jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was beautiful but, as it was a vintage children's one, it was too short for me in the torso area. So I cut away at it and this is how it ended up.

I adore polka dots, and navy is probably the most dominant colour in my wardrobe, so you see, this dress and I were just meant to be. Isn't the collar just perfect? The detail in it is just lovely, and you can see how much work has gone into it originally.

I love it as a dress, and it's alot more practical for me in winter. I'm certainly looking forward to wearing it with sandals and a straw boater in Summer though...Ahhhh daydreams....
Speaking of daydreams, it's now only 1 week until my Wedding day!!I am getting pretty super excited xxxxxxxx

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