Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love men's tailoring, and why should they have all the fun!! I discovered this stripey (yep I'm mad about stripes!) Givenchy tie at an op shop a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd test it out with my favourite harem pants (so the outfit didn't look too corporate) and a classic white blouse and my beloved grey blazer. My new ballet flats, headband and pearl earrings added an ounce of femininity so I didn't feel too boyish. I had such fun wearing it and I think it will be one of those outfits I repeat and repeat!! Hope you like!! xxxxx Blazer: Portmans

Blouse: A gift from my grandmother (she has a great wardrobe at the fabulous age of 90)

Pants: Cotton On

Tie: Thrifted

Shoes: Mi Piaci

Bag: Guess

Headband: Diva

Earrings: Diva



  1. Love this! Especially how the tie is longer... I think looks really good :)

  2. this is my fave, it's a little Annie Hall, just got confused for a sec whether it is was Annie Oakley but she's the cowgirl....

  3. Thanks guys I'm so glad you like this outfit! Men's tailoring is something I'm going to get into a lot this winter :) xxxxx