Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ghost Whisperer is one of my all time favourite shows. It explores the 'the spirit world' something that has intrigued me ever since I can remember, and it is one of the few shows on TV that actually has a continuously happy marriage on it. A rarity these days. But the real reason I started watching it is for the beautiful wardrobe. From season one, Melinda Gordon (played by the beautiful and talented, Jennifer Love Hewitt) has had an amzing and stunning wardrobe that seems to create its on time and place. She wears a mix of vintage and modern clothing, but how they are pieced together is just gorgeous. Makes me want to move to Grandview and have the ability to talk to ghosts.

If you have never seen it, I recommend watching season one, as it is in my opinion, the best of all 5 seasons. It helps having the talented Aisha Tyler (2nd to last photo) playing Andrea, Melindas best friend, and Jay Morh, playing Melindas quirky and comic professor friend Rick Payne who helps her solve ghost mysteries.

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