Saturday, March 19, 2011


Friday 18th March was a day for remembering those who perished in the February Earthquake, and for taking the time to take in what has happened to our beautiful city. A memorial service was held in Hagly Park, the main park in the centre of the city, and my beloved and I went and took Bob and Toto with us. There were some beautiful speeches, including some from our mayor Bob Parker (who is doing a wonderful job holding the city together in this strange time), our Prime Minister John Key (also doing a very good job I may add), and Prince William, to name a few. It was a beautiful, sad and emotional service that made me realize just how much I love this city and how strongly I feel that we will get it back on its feet. My favourite part of the service was when they got different religions to share some words each (Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism, Hindu and Christian)as although I am not a religious person myself, it is important to recognise all the many nationalities of lives that this earthquake took. My bubby and I, they experienced the earthquake too so they came with us to the service. He was pretty happy to be at the park! xxx
You can't quite see it here, but in the far distance is a plane tagline in the sky that reads 'rise up Christchurch'. xxxx

Ribbons decorating trees in the Canterbury colours: black and red.
My thoughts are with those that have lost someone in this quake, and to those in Japan, still fighting the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. Kia Kaha xxxxx

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