Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After a week of scary aftershocks, and another big earthquake on Wednesday morning, the city is finally settling down enough for people to start picking up the pieces and dealing with the damage around the city after the 7.1 quake that hit at 4:35am on Saturday, September 4th. Although we are very lucky not to have had any fatalities, so many buildings and houses are in tatters after the quake, and the aftershocks made many buildings weaker trying to cope with the constant movement. I feel like I am starting to settle down now, but that was the scariest week of my life, and I am very glad to have it over with. Toto and Bob are very shaky, as each tremor shook them up alot, and I wish that I could calm them by explaining why the house is shaking every hour, and that it will eventually stop. Here are some photos of my city, and the damage this event has caused. I can say with certainty that the city will never quite look the same again. The Repertory Theatre. My husband and I have performed in two musicals in this gorgeous old theatre, and they are trying to save it from having to be being pulled down.
In the CBD.

A twisted bridge in one of Christchurch's suburbs.

Down Victoria street, in the CBD. There was so much damge to these buildings that they had to be demolished so they didn't endanger people in the aftershocks.

This beautful family manor was an historic buliding just outside of Christchurch, very close to the faultline. The triple brick house crumbled under the strength of the first quake, and amazingly, the family owners who were inside when the quake hit managed to get out without any serious injuries.

A travel agency in Merivale.

A crushed car in the CBD.

The clock tower in town. It stopped when the first earthquake hit.

One of many lovely churches with damage to them.

Thinking of all those people out there with demolished homes or businesses, and hoping that they can piece their lives back together as quickly as possible. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Hannah!Oh it is so shocking and scary. We were supposed to come down to Christchurch this past weekend but have postponed til November. It's going to be strange seeing a 'new Christchurch'. Such a beautiful city. Do you know if Tete a Tete and Two Squirrels are ok?? x Laurel

  2. Hey Laurel :) Tete a Tete is ok, just a couple of boxes worth of broken stuff, and it's open for business which is great. Two squirrels isn't open yet, and received quite alot of damage. I'm not sure what is happening with it, as a lot of buildings are waiting to be checked for safety, but I'll update you when I hear from Vanessa :) I'm just so glad they weren't in the shops when the quake hit. It's so scary how much damage there is everywhere, has been quite a week xxx